Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Battle in Los Angeles

    There is a battle for Mayor of Los Angeles, the nation's second largest city. In one corner is incumbent Jim Hahn and in the other corner is Antonio Villaraigosa. A bit of history will take place today if Villaraigosa wins. No incumbent has been ousted in nearly 33 years. The most important yet not surprising would be the first Latino mayor since 1872.
    A friend of mine in that god-forsaken region of the nation has told me that when he went to register to vote he did so on-line, and that any identification was optional. He didn't have to provide a Social Security number, didn't have to provide a driver's license number. Didn't even have to prove he was a resident of California. Didn't have to prove he was in the United States legally (he is, he and his roots go way back in this nation).
    California, especially Southern California, is very much a weak link in the security of our nation. Now Mr. Villaraigosa might be a very fine person and might make a good Mayor, but the very fact he aligns himself as a Latino and the very fact that Los Angeles has a HUGE illegal Latino population pretty much makes Mr. Villaraigosa a guaranteed winner in this "election". Hundreds of thousands of illegal Latinos have registered to vote and they will. Just think of it - a huge group of felons, illegal aliens, directing the future of the 2nd largest city in the USA.
    If you were one of those that thought illegal aliens don't impact this nation you better get a grip - they do, they have been, and unless some stiff measures are taken to rid our country of these weeds they will consume us.


    Gullyborg said...

    grammar correction:

    it's not "this election,"

    it's "the selection."

    Pacific said...

    You are correct but in your coverage you've forgotten to mention all of the fun that having two poor choices has given us blogging community.


    It isn't nearly as fun when there is a clear choice between good and bad.