Monday, May 16, 2005

    Volcker & Annan Sitt'n In a Tree, K I S S I N G, ...

    Back on April 21, 2004 United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan announced the formation of the independent panel that would conduct an inquiry into allegations of impropriety in the administration and management of the Iraq Oil-for-Food Programme. The announcement, like all from the UN, sounded very official and serious - at least to those that blindly smile and shake their empty heads up and down in ignorant approval.
    Kofi's brown-nose buddy Paul A. Volcker was to head the investigation. Kofi knew that his bud would cover for him, no problem-o. They didn't anticipate one Robert Parton. Mr Parton is a former FBI investigator who resigned from Volker's investigation team, in protest over Volcker's kid-gloves treatment of Annan. Honest Mr. Parton produced boxes of documents with some real details about the inside of the UN - details that dishonest Volcker claims is protected by diplomatic immunity and wanted them returned. Until Robert Parton resigned in protest, the U.N. was free to dispense only the information it wanted the public - and Congress - to know. There is no overseer, or ultimate authority, to which the U.N. must be held accountable.
    Now today we find that a U.S. Senate Committee report points to Russian officials was also part of the Iraq scam in which Saddam Hussein's government provided senior Russian officials with oil rights worth millions of dollars under the oil-for-food program in an effort to lift U.N. sanctions against Iraq.
    So this official investigation of Kofi's - all a bunch of BS. Are we surprised? Not me. Are you surprised? From what I have seen and read and heard the UN is full of sexist male thieves that will rape the planet of money, property, and flesh all in the name of "Unity" and all for their own self-interests and their closest friends. Yeah - they are united, but not in our interests.


    Pundit said...

    Given time, Kofi baby will not be able to deny complicity too much longer. Not only have Russians in high places been implicated, but late last week it was revealed that Kofi baby had personal contacts with Kojo baby's former employer before those food for oil contracts were let out. Seems he lied a little. I'm only disappointed that Fox News has not been hammering this like hell. CNN won't even hardly cover this issue.

    Gullyborg said...

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