Friday, May 20, 2005

    Oregon's Surprise

    We in Oregon have this reputation of having a somewhat hippie mentality, after all from the last election we were (unfortunately) identified as a blue state. There might be hope for us after all.
    There is a bill that has passed our House and is now on the way to our Senate that will require new voters registering to prove their citizenship. How novel - to have a person that wishes to vote prove they are legal to vote (not a felon, not an illegal alien, not a non-citizen).
    There are those that don't agree with this - mainly Democrats (which boggles my mind since they are the ones that complain of voter fraud so much). "This is a misguided and uninformed response to a problem that doesn't exist," says Rep. Peter Buckley, a Democrat from Ashland, OR. Ashland, in the next election you need to vote this brain-dead blind idiot out and get someone that doesn't have his/her head in the dirt.
    I hope this passes. I hope it gets extended to include those that re-register when they move from one county to another in Oregon as well. Imagine - Oregon taking the first step to see that laws are followed - WOW!
    Obviously many of us don't want our state to turn into a sanctuary for illegal aliens and the high crime rate and burdening social costs related to these felons like our neighbor to the south - California. Illegal aliens get to vote in California, suck their resources at the expense of hard working good people, so please just stay there!


    activist kaza said...

    Hey dog - don't be dissing on Peter Buckley. Buckley is a GOOD man, looking out for people of all colors, races & creeds, as well as Oregon's economy. Are YOU about to go and pick our next crop of grapes or broccoli or (choose your fruit or veg)? Do you want an unlicensed Hispanic-speaking driver to run into you next year, with no insurance? This is going to be an increased likelihood with provisions to take drivers licenses away from non-"citizens" - another concept I am sure you support!

    Proof of citizenship requirements just adds another layer of bureaucracy, and for what? Hispanic-speaking (and likely the bulk of the "non-citizens" you seek to exclude) voting turnout is abysmally low to start with, so this isn't a huge problem.

    Buckley is right. This is a solution for a problem that doesn't exist...just like the ban on foie gras, putting breast-feeding locations into workplaces etc.

    As a conservative, you ought to be railing at the legislature for continuing to spend time on dumb ideas like these, instead of fixing the state's budgetary and education crises.

    : JustaDog said...

    Buckley sounds like a typical brain-dead liberal supporting illegal aliens (felons) in our country. As far as picking crops is concerned there are many that would be happy to - those that are here legally.

    Do you want an unlicensed Hispanic-speaking driver to run into you next year, with no insurance - stupid comment to support illegal aliens. If they were banned from the USA to begin with they wouldn't be crashing into people now would they? Besides, since they broke the law to be here illegally what makes you think they will obey the law and have car insurance? That is the most stupid argument I've heard yet.

    I'm an independent - and this is not a party issue - it is an issue of enforcing the laws that already exist, something you are obviously not in favor of. Democrats are on my side as well - that is why the REAL ID act was passed by 100%! You and your kind that love illegals are loosing. I bet you are a union guy right? Unions want illegals to stay - perhaps the topic of another post someday.

    Pundit said...

    I wonder about people like activist kaza. OF course, I don't want an illegal running into my car, yadadadada,etc. But you don't solve the problem by making everything legal just so they can slide under the wire. That isn't the solution either. I spent my career handling insurance here in the wacko state of California, and I know how many illegals are here working with no social security card, no drivers license, are totally illiterate even in their own language, can't read street signs, and on and on. No insurance, and anglo employers still employ them, allow them to drive company vehicles, and the insurance companies still issue the policies with the comment that as long as somebody pays the premiums they don't care, even though they know what is going on. Business is business. Well, I cared. And I quit. This illegal immigration defense is a bunch of bullshit passed on by a bunch of simple minded rubes. If all the grape and tomato pickers had to be Americans, the positions would still be filled. Maybe the prices would rise, but if Americans will continue to pay what they pay for gas, raising the price of grapes and tomatoes won't make any difference either, except for bringing jobs back to legal citizens.