Thursday, May 19, 2005

    What Happens In Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas

    Look at your paycheck stub (no pun intended). Look where they take taxes out of your hard earned money. Now smile in the knowledge that anyone over 65 will qualify for government subsidized erectile dysfunction drugs - stiffing it to the taxpayer for $2,000,000 (yep, that's BILLION) over the next 10 years. Personally I'm sure that's a gross under-estimate of the cost for old men to sport a bulge.
    Now I have no problem with old men getting a thrill but not on my dollar please. The retail cost of this thrill is something like $7 - $10 a pop. This is great news if you have stock in these companies. This won't be the end either. Women are already claiming the policy is hypocritical to cover these drugs for men yet not cover all birth control options for women, so you can count on those drugs being eventually added as well.
    I still say that it is Medicare that is our most dangerous social program, not social security. When will this craziness stop? These drugs are not critical to a person's health and taxpayers should not have to pay for them!


    Pundit said...

    Welcome to our world of individual rights. I once heard on a television interview (and I still have not figured out if the wacko who said this was serious) that there is a very good reason for allowing this as a prescription item--prevention of domestic violence. The theory is that sex relieves tension, and as along as a man can get his willie up and his tension down, he is less likely to be frustrated, therefore not subject to stress and tension, and less likely to come home and beat his wife because he won't be stressed out.

    kara said...

    That's because men rule the world.