Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    Hurricane Katrina Bits

    UN Support - Are you kidding me? We're all alone when any disaster strikes the USA, although it's the USA that always is the first to extend a helping hand to any country. It is what defines us as the greatest nation - we can take care of ourselves.

    Looters - the low-life scum are out, no surprise. The only way to deter looters is authorization to use lethal force - female or male - shoot them dead. There will then be less looters.

    Mean bad Wal-Mart is donating $1 Million to the Salvation Army for Katrina disaster relief. Everyone knows the SA as hard working and extremely low overhead - so most every penny of donations goes where it is intended. The good AFL-CIO is not donating a penny.

    President Bush is returning to Washington D.C. to oversee recovery efforts. Senator Kennedy claims Bush is responsible for Hurricane Katrina and distorted intelligence reports about its arrival. Senator Clinton wants Bush to come clean with the American people about what the Bush administration really knew about Katrina. Senator Kerry has stated that President Bush deliberately initiated Hurricane Katrina as a diversion from Cindy Sheehan.

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