Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    Increasing Our Safety Margin

    While we can rest assured that the likelihood of being attacked by a terrorist in Iraq is practically nil, we have yet some huge open gaps in our anti-terrorist policy. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad when terrorists and (so-called) insurgents are wiped off the face of the Earth, but we are prisoners of our own meekness.
    We've heard about London and her actions to round up terrorists and kick them out of their country - about time! Then Italy - they are going to expel 700 terrorist suspects (good for them!). From the news Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2005:
    ITALIAN security forces have arrested more than 100 suspected Islamic militants and plan to expel hundreds more in Europe's most sweeping counter-terrorism operation, officials revealed yesterday.

    The decisive Italian action immediately turned a renewed spotlight on Britain's security operation in the wake of the London attacks, which has been criticized for lacking focus and direction.

    While Italy has speedily enacted new anti-terror laws, the British government is still consulting on new rules. In the meantime, a number of ad hoc government measures - including charging extremist preachers with treason and "rebranding" British Muslims - have been floated then embarrassingly buried.

    So why do I say we are prisoners of our own meekness? Our leaders are fearful that, should they take a similar stance as the UK, Italy, and other European countries, they will have the ACLU and every civil rights group come out of the woodwork and wreak havoc. Perhaps what they need is encouragement from their constituents - the majority being in favor of similar actions.
    Come on now, who really poses a threat around here? That "we must kill Americans and destroy America" Islamic cleric or that elderly couple going through the metal detector at the airport. Then there's the open boarders spewing into our country God who knows what --- I mean really, shouldn't we be gathering up those scum ourselves - just like our allies are already doing?
    We can feel safe againsts terror tots too:
    WASHINGTON -- Infants have been stopped from boarding planes at airports in the United States because their names are the same as, or similar to, those of possible terrorists on the government's "no-fly" list.