Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    Tri Quickie Questions

    Question 1 of 4:
    Concerned Americans and those with legal residence have been told for many years that illegal aliens do the jobs that all the rest of us don't want to do - low paying jobs, often below minimum wage. If this is true then how is it that mortgage applications by illegal aliens are on the rise? I know hard working Americans that rent because they wouldn't qualify for a home loan, yet illegal aliens can? We need leadership that will fix this problem ASAP!
    Question 2 of 4:
    For years, children zoned for poorly performing schools in Brooklyn and Upper Manhattan have been able to apply for special permission, called a variance, to attend good schools in Manhattan's Districts 2 and 3, which serve the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side and lower Manhattan. Now, school officials are telling parents that admission is restricted to children who live within the district boundaries.

    Well why can't they go to that homosexual public high school, Harvey Milk High School - a discriminating public school? Gee, maybe they aren't gay enough? Guess New York must have money to burn for specialty schools - even though they have "poorly performing schools". They must not offend the gay community lest the ACLU get on that one.
    Question 3 of 4:
    How is it that HIV and AIDS research funding both within the USA and abroad is way greater than any other disease? AIDS isn't even the leading cause of death in the USA but it does get billions of bucks toward research and treatment - almost a BILLION dollars just from the CDC 2005 budget! Diabetes is on the rise fast, and is a killer and disabling disease, yet receives less than 10% of what goes towards HIV/AIDS - a preventable disease for the most part. Is the gay activist that powerful?
    Question 4 of 4:
    Why did I see over 10 cars in the Wal-Mart parking lot (north Eugene) on Saturday with pro-union bumper stickers? LOL Guess they are doing some school shopping! Too funny.

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