Monday, August 22, 2005

    The UN: They Be Called Peacekeepers?

    Why does the UN seem to be caught in an increasing number of scandals? In their latest attempt to destroy the sovereignty of God-fearing nations they have been caught with their little socialist fingers in the cookie jar. The United Nations says that it is neutral, that it takes no sides and is only interested in peace. Here is a little news from last Friday's Canadian Free Press (you might not hear on CBS):
    With the pain of the evacuated Jewish settlers of Gaza in plain view on the world's screen, comes the UN-financed slogan: "Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem."

    The slogan has been showing up on thousands of bumper stickers, banners, coffee mugs and T-shirt--according to a UN official quoted in The New York Sun, the footwork of the UN.

    Neutrality is what got the United Nations its international immunity to conduct business on American soil. Neutrality is a textbook oxymoron when it comes to the UN.

    Not only did the neutral UN bankroll the production of the Today - Gaza - Tomorrow - the - West - Bank - and - Jerusalem bumper stickers, but also the UN widely distributed them to Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza strip.

    "The UN support of the Palestinian Authority's propaganda machine in the midst of the Israeli evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza strip has provoked outrage from Israel and the Jewish leaders, who are blaming Turtle bay for propagating an inflammatory message that they say encourages Palestinian Arab violence" says the Sun.
    Of course since they have been caught they need a spin:
    As quickly as any UN official could say "not guilty" to suspicions of connections to the oil-for-food scandal, came the official UN spin on bumper sticker politics.

    William Orme, a UNDP spokesman said his office gave money to the Palestinian Withdrawal Committee to "help the Palestinian Authority communicate to the populace about the withdrawal and its economic and social impact."
    Jingo from UN talking heads is always wide sweeping, mealy-mouthed and uttered in six official languages.

    In reality, the propaganda money was funneled to the committee through a sub agency called Program Assistance to the Palestinian People, but UN officials claim not to have known anything about the fund.
    With the added knowledge that Kofi Annan was seen bowing at the grave of mass terrorist Yasser Arafat, the article ends with a suggestion for a new bumper sticker that can be printed in six official languages:
    The UN Aids & Abets Terrorists

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