Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    Indoctrinating Little Children To Labor Unions

    From the AFL-CIO email I got this Monday:
    TEACHING LABOR DAY-Teachers for grades kindergarten through 12 can visit the American Labor Studies Center's (ALSC) website (www.labor-studies.org) for curriculum materials and guides about Labor Day. The resources include Labor Day lesson plans for both elementary and secondary teachers; information on work and jobs, including history, facts, statistics, information on earnings, employment and wages and unions and leaders; and resources and information from the AFL-CIO, the Library of Congress and the U.S. Department of Labor. "Students should be provided with a deeper understanding of this significant day and the role that workers and their unions play in America's economic, political, cultural and social life," said ALSC Executive Director Paul Cole.
    Yes, you can go to the socialist union website and get all sorts of goodies to indoctrinate the innocent little minds of children to labor unions.
    To make it more tempting the union bosses have these brainwashing sessions disguised as games and fun time. The game names and descriptions are directly from their site, so let's check out a few activities from the AFL-CIO:

    Big Fish/Little Fish - What happens to the big fish when the little ones decide to work together? See how well you can "organize" the little fish into a powerful force.
    Ping Pong or Pong Pong - Without a union contract, workers are playing at a real disadvantage. The boss has the ball, the table, the paddle and the net. Union membership means the boss has to play fair, and working people truly are part of the game.
    Find The Health Insurance Game - Where did it go? Today, more than 44 million Americans are uninsured....See whether you can tell under which cup the health insurance is hidden. (A true favorite of kindergarten tykes - they are always concerned why their parents buy boats, cars, cigarettes, beer yet have no money to buy them health insurance)
    You see, in a public school the young children will be taught how wonderful unions are because the public school system is owned by the union. They will learn they don't have to try very hard because once in a union job their employment is secure (I don't think they tell the full story there). They will learn to speak unionese - expanding their vocabulary with such career-accelerating words like scab workers, strike, picket, extortion, fists, sabotage, liberal, union boss, union dues, bribes, socialism, collective bargining, revolution, mob, gang mentality, anti-capitalism, etc.
    In a private school the young children will be taught the truth - about working, about freedom, about achieving the best you can be if you want the best in return. The children are taught reality. This is why even the children of such liberals as Clinton, Kennedy, Jessie Jackson (perhaps both legitimate and illegitimate children of the Reverend), etc. put their children through private and NOT public schools.

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