Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Bring Me A Beer Eddie

    Democratic Senator Edwardo "the Crisco kid" Kennedy has made this statement about Judge Roberts:
    "Judge Roberts said that a judge should be like an umpire, calling the balls and strikes, but not making the rules," said Kennedy. "But we all know that with any umpire, the call may depend on your point of view. ... In critical cases, it may well depend on where they are standing when they make the call. The same holds true of judges."

    "There is clear and convincing evidence that John Roberts is the wrong choice for chief justice," he added. "I oppose the nomination, and I urge my colleagues to do the same."
    Clear and convincing evidence?
    Clear and convincing evidence?
    Clear and convincing evidence?

    Only in the empty mind of a worthless liberal can there be something clear and convincing where there is more of a vacuum than in outer space. With such clear and convincing EVIDENCE he starts out his next sentence with:
    It may turn out that he will be an outstanding chief justice . . .
    I use to think that Kennedy represented the pinnacle of stupidity. I was wrong. There are two others that surpass him - those that believe what he says and those that continue to put him into office.

    So what organizations does Kennedy take sides with against Judge Roberts? Here are a few of many:
    • Hispanics for a Fair Judiciary (illegals)
    • Lambda Legal (gays)
    • Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (illegals)
    • (gays, illegals, socialists, idiots, liberals, etc.)
    • RAINBOW/PUSH Coalition (overall whiners)

    Senator Patrick Leahy says he still has some concerns about Roberts. But in a speech Wednesday on the Senate floor, Leahy says his conscience tells him it is "better to vote yes than no." I guess there are some intelligent Democrats out there.

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