Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Things That Make a Difference

    So while former Democratic Senator John Edwards and Senator John Kerry are still shooting blame bullets at the White House for Katrina, it is only the White House that is NOT playing the blame game. They could go on about how the liberal democratic rule in the New Orleans area for the past 60 years has turned it into a dump zone - but they haven't. They could go on about the stupidity of the mayor of New Orleans and the very slow action of Governor Kathleen Blanco - but they haven't. Bush and his administration has been looking forward and taking action.

    Edwards lashed out about the conditions of the poor with scenarios such as:
    "When a 13-year-old girl thinks there's nothing wrong with having a baby that will drive them both toward lives of poverty," he said, society has failed.

    "When 15-year-old boys become fathers, then walk away, get shot or go to jail," he added, society has failed.
    Sorry Edwards - it's not society that has failed them - it is the liberal democrats. Edwards continues on with the usual liberal handout program proposals:
    He urged expanding government programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit for people who work but are poor and creating federally financed "work bonds" that give low-income working families $500 a year, housing vouchers to help poor people move to better neighborhoods with better (public) schools and $1,000 annual grants that they could save for five years toward down payments on houses.
    So in other words his solution is the normal liberal answer - more handouts, more money to the poor so they can buy more drugs, beer, cigarettes, etc.

    President Bush on the otherhand sees an opportunity to let the children of Katrina have something that WILL make a difference in their lives - school vouchers. These vouchers can be used at private or religious schools - the same kind of schools the Kennedy or Kerry kids go to! Wow - now that is something that will make a difference to the future of that region. Liberals - you've had it your way for 60 years and the people there know what they have got from you - empty promises and a miserable life.

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