Thursday, September 15, 2005

    I Eat At Least 4 Poor People At Every Breakfast

    There are some things that Eddie Kennedy should be credited for. Here's a liberal that has the state of Massachusetts in the palm of his chubby hand, a U.S. Senator of the same since 1962. You have to wonder if he's some sort of mafia Don or perhaps stooge for the mob. There were rumors that the mob still has evidence that Eddie intentionally murdered Mary Jo Kopechne (pregnant with his child) back in 1969, and they are using blackmail to control his well-fed ass in Washington. Far be it from me to challenge this accusation.

    Bring rich and having the mob connections has worked well for Kennedy. He was just an average student, but was admitted into Harvard on the coat tails of his older brothers and father. As a sophomore he was expelled for paying a friend to take a Spanish exam for him - showing his liberal tendencies at an early age of not wanting to advance himself on his own merits.

    Kennedy pretends to be a champion for the less fortunate in society yet his actions prove otherwise. He proclaims that poverty is increasing in American yet he promotes illegal aliens - those that take jobs and help cause poverty among our citizens. On the surface he champions public schools as being great and the salvation for the working class while he sends his children to private schools.

    He is a card-carrying member of the ACLU and subscribes to their socialist agenda to demoralize this country and remove any trace of Christianity from it.

    He vehemently opposes the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) which has already stopped hundreds of known foreign criminals and several known terrorists from entering our country. Senator Kennedy, however, tried to put a stop to the NSEERS program. In late January 2003, he slipped a provision into the Senate's omnibus appropriations bill that would have completely cut off funding for the national security registration system.

    Eddie Kennedy - the best role model the liberals can offer.

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