Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    Just How Unions Helped Katrina Victims

    While unions love to bash Wal-Mart and the so-called miserable treatment they pay their workers Katrina brings to light the reality of labor unions - especially the almighty AFL-CIO.
    Prior to Katrina coming to shore Wal-Mart had adjusted their inventories to prepare for disaster-related products that would be needed by anyone. Once Katrina hit Wal-Mart was about the first in line to plunk down $1 Million to relief efforts - to where ever it was needed, no requirements, no questions. Much much more has been donated by Wal-Mart and their (supposedly underpaid miserable) non-union employees.
    How did the AFL-CIO help? Did this powerful entity open its arms and wallets to help those that needed help? Well not really - unless you were a union worker. To anyone else they basically said too bad, drown as far as we care - you should have been a union employee. Such is the reality of the socialist union. This is an organized mob unit that has spent HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars in just the last decade to expand and promote itself, and many millions more buying off key Democrats in decision-making positions. Unions spend their money on Democrats, not on the common folk. From the Socialist Alternative website:
    In a number of cities across the country, the AFL-CIO and local unions are heavily invested in supporting and lobbying politicians of the Democratic Party. Labor wants to pass local legislation mandating employers with city and state contracts to allow card-check or "neutrality" agreements. The AFL-CIO tops also gambled on helping the Democrats gain a majority in Congress, and supported Al Gore with all their strength in the Presidential race.
    Sweeney's increase in electoral support for Democrats primarily took the form of financial contributions. In 1992 and 1994, the AFL-CIO contributed a total of $46 million in each election. Sweeney increased that to $59 million in 1996 and $86 million in the 2000 elections. These numbers do not include 'in-kind' donations of staff time and institutional publicity. According to studies from pro-union think tanks and pro-business brain trusts alike, 'in-kind' contributions amount to 3 to 5 times the legal limit of contributions.
    Yet, despite the megabucks this organization has, for the poor from Katrina the AFL-CIO only was willing to gather up a wimpy amount of less than $600,000 - and again, for verifiable union workers only. Do you really think they have the interest of the common worker at heart?
    Congratulations to the forces of good in Iraq for killing the No. 2 leader of Al-Qaeda, Abu Musab, al Zargawi's top aide! We're coming to get you too al Zargawi! All the left-wing liberals, nor John Kerry, nor Ed Kennedy, nor Cindy Sheehan will stop us from killing YOU!

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