Saturday, September 03, 2005

    Mad Media Mania Frenzy

    I've always been upset how media would take a desperate situation and exploit it for a moment of rating exhilaration. The idea of sticking a camera lens into the face of a grieving person - asking them if they are sad, and asking them if they blame someone (as if hoping to take a leap to another potential slime story). This past week in the aftermath of Katrina has been no different.
    It seems like most every news station was trying to outdo the other for how many times they could blame the Federal government for not reacting faster to those (who didn't heed the warning to leave) who chose to stay in a 4+ hurricane. Isn't it common knowledge that anything related to any government - city, state, or Federal - takes longer than anyone would want? HELLO? If you're strategy in life is dependent on the government, at any level, you're a sad sucker indeed.
    But back to the previous vultures - the news media - that swarm the area, trying to find their Pulitzer prize picture, their 15 minutes of fame - what did they do to help the situation? They ask stupid questions like "do you feel that aid came fast enough?". Knowing the plight did they care to cart down as much water or food or basic necessities of life to the area they were about to exploit? Most likely their priority was to stick their lens into the face of the destitute, again exploiting the grief of others, pretending to sound caring yet motivated to exploit a tragedy for all it's worth - and beyond. Exploit the normal pace of government, at all levels, for that next headline report.
    It does seem like the President's home state of Texas had their act together - but you won't hear much about that. They are not as newsworthy since the misery index is lower there. As the major news vans and trucks prowl like vultures around the streets of New Orleans I'd like to suggest they consider stuffing their vans and trucks full of water, food, and some basic essentials of life. There really is more to life than sticking that lens into the face of despair. In my mind the news media are the greatest failures of them all. They were among the first to arrive and they appeared to do the least.

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