Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    Legal vs. Illegal Refugees - The Price of it All

    With Katrina refugees scattered across 28 states, those states that do absorb the (about) 250,000 are already scrambling to find the money to temporarily handle this load on their already-burdened infrastructure.
    I'm sure there will be solutions found and I hope these people can return to a rebuilt city and live productive lives. Those that just sat around dependent on government might reconsider that strategy and learn to take care of themselves. I'm always impressed with the generosity of Americans but have to wonder why we don't take care of our own situations as a priority before dumping billions to other countries - often to areas that hate us anyway.
    Then I have to wonder about the media covering this. So the latest is the financial burden on states to take care of about 250,000 of our own (presumably). HELLO? Why don't the media have daily news reports on the financial burdens carried by states because of many 100,000s or even MILLIONS of illegal aliens that suck the resources of our society? That number of Americans is just a fraction of the illegal aliens (all criminals) that have invaded our states - yet it is the fraction of Americans that make the news as being a burden. Sick, sick, sick.

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