Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Clinton Years: No Will, No Spine, Yes Lies

    Remember the now-famous Clinton words I did not have sex with that woman? The old Clinton camp is back in the same old lying mode again. The words of former FBI director Louis Freeh in an interview on CBS 60 Minutes:
    We lacked the political will, the spine, to take military action against our enemies. It was obvious for years that that's what our position had been.
    From a CNN article yesterday:
    The 9/11 commission report issued in 2004 credited Freeh with recognizing the terrorist threat early on -- but it also criticized him for failing to shift FBI resources to combat it. And the Justice Department criticized him for failing to improve the FBI's computer network, which investigators said kept agents from "connecting the dots" before the 9/11 attacks.
    The Constitution puts the responsibility of protecting the country on the President, not the FBI. As a matter of fact, the FBI isn't even mentioned in the Constitution since it came into existence many decades later. While Islamic terrorists had already attacked US interests multiple times Clinton was spinning his moral compass between Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater, Jennifer Flowers, Hillary's misuse of FBI resources regarding the White House travel agents, and the never ending scandals and rumored scandals. Just remember all those liberals that stood along with Clinton in support of what he did that got him impeached.

    How did this liberal president help watch over our troops abroad? From Freeh:
    Clinton failed to seek Saudi cooperation with the investigation into the Khobar Towers attack, which killed 19 U.S. airmen. He said Clinton instead pressed then-Crown Prince Abdullah, now king, for a donation to his presidential library.
    So why didn't Freeh just quit if he didn't like Clinton? Rumors are around that Clinton had wanted Freeh to quit so he could put a Muslim at the head of the FBI - his idea to help the Muslim world like the USA. From CBS's interview again:
    Asked why he did not resign and go public earlier, he said, "I had a different response. I said, 'This is too damn important for me to stop investigating it,' and I didn't stop investigating it. I wanted for a change of administration, which happened when this President Bush was elected."

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