Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Give Us More Of Your Money Gringo!

    Every day the population of our country is on the rise with illegal aliens. Felons that are criminals by the very fact they entered our country illegally. Their motivations are to suck from our resources and economy as much as they can for their own personal gain. Being criminals from the start they have no problem committing more crimes - whatever it takes to get as much as they can from us stupid gringos that do nothing as a country to stop them. Like crazed killer bees their swarm is vicious to our economy and way of life.

    I get emails from FAIR - the Federation for American Immigration reform. I've read an article on their site titled Breaking the Piggy Bank: How illegal immigration is Sending Schools Into the Red:
    While these massive (public school) budget deficits cannot be attributed to any single source, the enormous impact of large-scale illegal immigration cannot be ignored. The total K-12 school expenditure for illegal immigrants costs the states nearly $12 billion annually, and when the children born here to illegal aliens are added, the costs more than double to $28.6 billion.

    This enormous expenditure of the taxpayers' hard-earned contributions does not, however, represent the total costs. Special programs for non-English speakers are an additional fiscal burden as well as a hindrance to the overall learning environment. A recent study found that dual language programs represent an additional expense of $290 to $879 per pupil depending on the size of the class.2 In addition, because these children of illegal aliens come from families that are most often living in poverty, there is also a major expenditure for them on supplemental feeding programs in the schools. Those ancillary expenditures have not been included in the calculations in this report.
    Read the article for yourself. It's full of actual statistics, dollar amounts, counts, etc. After you read it then just whip out your wallet or purse, pull out your green, and just hand it over to some illegals in your local town - it is no different from how they are getting our money now.

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