Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    So Let's Free More Criminals!

    I have this crazy idea that our justice system was suppose to provide justice. You know, if a person was guilty then they face their penalty. If innocent, then they are released. Stupid me - that is not how our justice system works - at least with the liberal element deeply entrenched in its complexities.

    An example is Norberto Manzanares - known to be guilty of murdering his wife in Texas. His attorney knows he's guilty as well - but that doesn't matter in our current liberal justice system. What matters is can his attorney beat the rap on some technicality. Ah yes, his attorney knows the system all too well:
    His defense attorneys say that during the crucial days of the investigation, police made a video recording of one of the interview sessions. Manzanares claims he was not aware of the taping and was not read his rights.
    Take another example - defense attorney Daniel Hororitz. Now here is an attorney that knows how to work the system. He doesn't care if your guilty or not - as a matter of fact he will try even harder to get you off especially if you are guilty. He gloats about all the death penalty cases that he has won, with total disregard to the victims of these criminals - resulting in the death penalty not given:
    Fourteen Death Penalty cases without a death verdict and a dismissal of a death case make Daniel Horowitz one of the most experienced capital murder trial attorneys in the state.
    He even has a web page soliciting drug lords to use his services (drug lords pay very well) since he has expertise in winning their cases - especially if they are guilty - with total disregard to the victims of these criminals:
    Daniel Horowitz is a Criminal Defense Specialist with extensive experience defending the Mega Federal Drug Conspiracy cases which are being filed in the U.S. District Courts. These Mega federal narcotics cases usually involve 30-40 defendants. Most are drug addicts and small time sellers but they face the same time as the kingpins. The idea is that these poor people are so intimidated by life sentences that the inform against those higher up the chain.
    Well now his wife was found beaten to death in his mansion. I do feel sorry for his wife, but one has to wonder if the killer is found, will he get a defense attorney that knows how to work the system and get his client off free? What goes around, comes around.

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