Monday, October 24, 2005

    Happy Birthday - Now Die

    Today the United Nations (a misnomer) celebrates it's 60th anniversary - six decades of existence. Perhaps the only thing the UN has done right:
    By strategically closing blinds and turning on lights throughout the 40-story building, organizers have spelled a message that can be seen from great distances both east and west of the Headquarters in midtown Manhattan.
    Common place for the UN:
    • Skim as much as 80% off of "contributions" to the UN for administrative costs
    • Nepotism
    • Bash the United States
    • Peace keepers that continue to rape and pillage
    • No checks, balances, or disclosure mechanisms
    • Corrupt Secretary General Annan
    • Corrupt diplomats are easily bought off
    • Supporting terrorist regimes
    • So much more...
    From Claudia Rosetts' testimony on April 21 st before the House Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations:
    Mr. Annan's Secretariat collected fees of some $1.4 billion over the course of the program to audit, monitor and administer the program, keep the records, and serve as the main interlocutor with Saddam (plus another $500 million or so for weapons inspections). If anyone was precisely situated to call attention to the growing problems under Oil-for-Food of graft, smuggling, front companies, waste, abuse of public trust and disregard for the interest of the Iraqi people the program was supposed to serve--it was Mr. Annan.
    Perhaps you are beginning to understand the appeal the UN has to liberals and socialists.

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