Saturday, October 01, 2005

    Panhandling, Radio Style

    I'd like to thank Cao's blog for bringing this to her readers attention. Turns out that liberal barf-mouth on the air better known as Air American is having some financial problems.
    You see, good people don't really enjoy hearing the constant bashing that liberals engage in because they (the liberals) offer NO alternatives, no plan, no objectives other than to blame others, bad mouth others, try to discredit those that ARE trying to do something.
    Really now, how stupid can liberals be to bash Bush when Bush will not even be running for re-election? They talk about how we are no more safe (despite the fact there hasn't been another terrorist attack here). They bash conservatives and call us the "Christian right ring conservatives" - basically labeling themselves as immoral atheists that have no standards or values. (I haven't been in a church for decades but I do have morals and standards and values).
    Al Franken and his sorry gang try their best to paint good people as the evil enemy of the country, but since such a huge majority voted Bush back into office I think this guys objectives are contorted to say the least. Al, you're a jerk and your followers are not far behind. Too bad they haven't opened their wallets to ya! LOL
    I guess liberals and socialists aren't clicking enough on the ads at their site. Al Franken - you are neither funny nor interesting. You and your followers are a sorry bunch of bankrupt fools and this blogger hopes to see Air America go to hell (please excuse my French).
    We're headed for San Diego for personal adventures. Hope we can dodge all those illegal aliens they have down there!

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