Monday, October 03, 2005

    Want Safer Streets? Remove Liberal Judges!

    The key to safer communities is not more money for police (although it doesn't hurt) but for the good people to reclaim the liberal courts and legal system. For many communities, especially large cities, the courts have become infested with liberal judges that go out of their way to protect the (so-called) rights of criminals over the rights of the citizens.
    Some courts are under pressure by their communities when it comes to gangs. With the ever increasing population of illegal aliens (already criminals since they are illegal aliens) there is a corresponding increase of violent Mexican gangs. Vista, California (where my parents once lived) use to be a very quiet little town - east of Oceanside. Now it has grown immensely since that time and has its own violent Mexican gang, and murders just a few days ago for the fun of it.
    To me violent gangs are simply urban terrorists and should be dealt with as such. I would have absolutely no problem whatsoever if the death penalty were given to violent gang members involved in violent crimes even if that crime were not murder. In California the death penalty doesn't get carried out very often because - yep, you guessed it - the appellate court is very liberal and thus anti-death penalty.
    From the North County Times, Vista gang injunction becomes permanent:
    Gang injunctions are civil court orders that prohibit alleged gang members from engaging in several activities within specified areas of a city. The prohibited activities usually include being with other known gang members, possessing guns or other dangerous weapons, fighting, graffiti, making gang hand signs and wearing gang clothes.
    This isn't unique to Vista. I found that a town called Lompoc (lots of illegal aliens and violent gangs there too) have instituted a gang injunction there as well. How well these injunctions will work will depend on the courts and how they enforce penalties for violations.
    Let's take our court system back from liberal judges and into the control of judges that will protect the good people instead of the criminals.

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