Monday, October 31, 2005

    Trick and Treat'n is WORK!

    When I was a little tyke in Illinois we spend hours out in our neighborhood with big bags collecting the fruits of our labor, ringing doorbells, going as fast as we could to the next house. That was in the days when some people made popcorn balls or homemade fudge - before those nasty and mean and evil perverts started putting dangerous items into the treats of American kids.

    I was wondering how present children choose their costumes - assuming their parents even let them go trick-or-treating - some areas are very unsafe because of illegal aliens, perverts, etc. Some will undoubtedly be influenced by their parents as to their costumes and activities. For example:
    • Ted Kennedy lovers might want their children to wear a pleasant resemblance of Ted but secretly fear their child will be haunted by the ghost of Chappaquiddick

    • Socialist parents might sent one of their six children out, then force the child that did all the work to evenly divide up all the candy to the five children that did no work

    • A liberal parent might send their child out as an illegal alien and direct the child to homes where government and social workers live, knowing they will get lots more treats than would be given to the legal children

    • Republican parents might have their child dress as Osama Bin Laden and sent the child into a liberal neighborhood, knowing lots of treats will come for the "freedom fighter"
    Whatever the costume if your child comes by our house we will be handing out those KING SIZED candy bars, bought at Costco. See - I am a giving person!

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