Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    Yo Bitch, We Be Yo New Neighbors Now

    And the ACLU will represent their illegal "right" to be your neighbors. It's not the gang members fault they are violent, it's our fault - societies fault. It's not an issue of what huge percent of the violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang is composed of illegal aliens (therefore felons) - it's your fault and mine for not offering social alternatives for young illegals to partake in as a diversion to joining gangs. This is the image that the Washington Post portrays in one of it's editorials back in August this year titled The Reality of Gangs.
    Incredibly, for a gang that was barely known a few years ago beyond Los Angeles and El Salvador, MS-13 is now believed to have about 5,000 members in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District. This group and others are responsible for a growing number of homicides, rapes and beatings that defy the general downward trend of violent crime in most of the region's jurisdictions (Prince George's County being the glaring exception). Until now, Northern Virginia has borne the brunt of this new wave of gang brutality; Fairfax County police say gangs have made inroads into every high school in the county.
    The liberal Washington Post makes no mention about the illegal alien component of this gang - totally ignored as if it were a non-issue. FrontPage has expounded on this WP editorial with their own story titled Crime: The Open Borders Lobby's Dirty Little Secret:
    Even as the Post called for more social spending, it completely ignored the most salient feature of Mara Salvatrucha, which is the astoundingly high number of illegals within its ranks. The Justice Department estimates that more than 50 percent of all members of Mara Salvatrucha are illegal. I talked to an LAPD Officer who deals with this gang daily, and he puts the figures much higher. I've heard cops tell me they think it's almost 100 percent.
    And the press, of course, also picks up on this. How many stories have you read of some egregious crime or gang violence, and you wonder, 'I wonder if that person is here illegally?' You will almost never find out. Reporters just don't bother to ask.
    Liberals see everyone else as the problem so don't look to them for help. Socialists want our existing system to collapse, believe in open boarders, and are against immigration requirements (what is yours is theirs) so don't look to them for help. If you think the ACLU will protect your rights against illegals that are stealing your rights away then just keep on dreaming. Think labor unions want illegals out? Nope - they represent the new unskilled labor force - new union members, so don't look to unions for help. Think President Bush has a mandate against illegal aliens? I've seen no action.
    No matter what political party you align yourself with, the good people must take back our country before it is too late. We must vote out liberal judges. We must do the job the liberal media has been hiding and expose the horrific impact of illegal aliens. We must expose the liberal-socialist relationships with this infestation.

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