Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Castro's Bitch

    To think that Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz Kerry wanted to be First Lady of the United States - give me a break. This bitch doesn't even respect American laws and she wanted to be First Lady?

    This is that bitch that claimed Laura Bush never had a real job. This is a bitch that lives off the wealth of her husband's trust - wealth of the Heinz family. She did nothing to earn her wealth - valued as high as $1 Billion dollars. Her bastard husband John Kerry also did nothing to generate his wealth - he became a trust fund beneficiary of his mother's and Forbes family trusts. Sen. Kerry and Heinz Kerry signed a prenuptial agreement and have kept their premarital assets separate. Ah - now that's real love. BTW, their big wealth turns out to be sheltered, only paying 12% on their income taxes - about half of what I have to pay. Like true rich Democrats they would have no problem raising our taxes because theirs is sheltered and protected.

    Now back to Teresa. On July 19, 2004 The Canada Free Press ran a story of how Heinz-Kerry helped Castro get online - despite Havana coming under the 1961 Trading with the Enemy Act - she found some loopholes and bypassed the US Federal government. This anti-American bitch, using a Canadian connection funded by her Tides Foundation, linked the communist country up to the world internet.
    The Toronto-based Web/Nirv, Canadian affiliate of the Institute for Global Communications (IGC) and its offshoot the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), used a 64 KBPS undersea cable IP link from Havana to Sprint in the United States, linking Cubans to the Information Highway.

    IGC and APC are one of the Tides Foundation's largest ongoing projects. IGC, incidentally keeps the United Nations online.

    A massive, 24-hour, transnational computer communications network, IGC services 17 United Nations offices, 40,000 activists, some of the radical stripe and a legion of non-government organizations in more than 133 countries.
    Now Castro is one of many leftist (liberal/socialist) leaders trying to take the control of the internet away from the United States. I'm sure if Kerry would have won this bitch and her wimp husband would have made Castro's dream come true.

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