Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    Is The Torture Card Exhausted?

    The whole world knows that liberals in American love the torture card, as if it were their ace-in-the-hole that would swing consensus away from the good that American forces are doing and toward their compassion - the defeat of American interests.

    I'm not surprised their attempts to redefine what torture is would not go very far. Really now, let's consider some examples of activities and see for yourself if they should be defined as torture:
    • Name calling - torture?
    • Verbal abuse - torture?
    • Threats or implied threats - torture?
    • Wear embarrassing or humiliating attire - torture?
    • Sleep deprivation - torture?
    • Sexual simulations - torture?
    • Forced or coerced alcohol consumption - torture?
    • Beating or paddling - torture?
    • Branding - torture?
    • Public nudity - torture?
    • Bondage - torture?
    Now if you're a liberal you would say yes to each of those examples. You probably would think detainees should have got full turkey dinners for our Thanksgiving holiday huh? Or perhaps you are already a participant in the Adapt-a-Detainee (actually now closed down) program - sort of like having a distant pet I guess.

    Oh, by the way - each of those examples above were taken from the StopHazing.org web site - nothing to do with terrorist detainees. It is simply an organization trying to stop the voluntary fun that groups have with new members - often college fraternities. Keep that in mind the next time some anti-American liberal tries to play that "torture" card.

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