Saturday, November 05, 2005

    Illegal Alien Births In The USA

    Coming across the wires - Lawmakers eye birthright citizenship
    "There is a general agreement about the fact that citizenship in this country should not be bestowed on people who are children of folks who come into this country illegally," Rep. Tom Tancredo was quoted as saying.
    You know, these are also known as anchor babies. The scheme is rather simple and exploits our current immigration weakness. Let's say you're a family of 12 from Mexico and you are pregnant - again. You know if you can have that baby in an American hospital it will be considered an American citizen just for being born on US soil. So you hustle your belly over the border - illegally of course, just before your due date. Position yourself near a hospital, then go through the emergency doors when you're about to drop.

    Now your child is an American citizen, and you and your big social-greedy family will now be able to come to the USA. You already have read all the ins-and-outs of how to get all sorts of freebees - from "free" food, "free" housing, "free" medical care, "free" education. As illegal aliens you also have a list of organizations that will help protect your right to screw the American taxpayer.

    Your days are numbered - I hope!

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