Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Why Governor Schwarzenegger's Initiatives Failed

    Saving money sounds like a sound idea. Keeping potentially bad teachers from getting fully vested in the public school retirement system sounded like a wise decision. Requiring unions to get permission from the union members before they spent those union dues however they wanted was more common sense then anything else. So why did all of these measures fail? Why did the voters choose to keep their broken state broken and ensure the inevitable bankruptcy of California?

    The biggest mistake that Governor Schwarzenegger made was assuming those that would vote for these measures were legal voters. On the contrary Governor - you were up against the powerful teachers union and a liberal Democrat legislature. Both of these rallied all the Californians that suck from your state resources. Also, because the liberals of your state are against identifying voters as legal voters you had millions of illegal aliens voting against your measure - leaches that are draining your state.

    This scenario will be repeated across the country until we enact legal identification and a system to ensure one legal voter can vote only one time. Such identification must go beyond just a driver's license and must be identification based on proof of citizenship and legal residence. This form of ID is something liberals are vehemently against because they rely on the illegal voting methods to give them the edge they need. Think about it - if a conservative wins they cry voter fraud, yet it is only their ranks that will try and stop every effort to prevent fraud.

    Sorry Arnold but the girlie men gottcha. Don't take it personal - you did not loose, California lost.

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