Friday, November 11, 2005

    The Looming Cloud Thickens Over D.C.

    A few days ago Democrat Senator Harry Reid announced
    There's a dark cloud hanging over the White House. It's really a storm cloud.
    This was in a continued effort to milk the Valerie Wilson leak case for all the liberals can, in spite of the fact no one was indicted for that charge. Liberals make it a habit to dredge up crap, and if none is found, they will synthesize crap. They seem to want to hang on to an employee - not even an elected official - from the White House because he couldn't remember exactly who told him what when.

    While liberals are crazed with their own pandemic of Bush-hate-itis their self-inflicted mental disorder continues to destroy any hopes that they might care about our country, let alone other democracies around the world.

    Take the latest terrorist attacks killing over 50 people in Jordon as a recent example. Just a sample of those condemning this Al Qaeda act of terrorism:
    + US President Bush
    + The Iraq Government (via spokesman Leith Kubba)
    + Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia
    + UK Prime Minister Tony Blair
    + Many others
    Who did not take a public stand (again) against terrorists murders:
    - Democrat Senator Reid
    - Democrat Senator Edward Kennedy
    - Democrat Senator Hillary Clinton
    - Democrat Senator John Kerry
    - Democrat Senator Rockefeller
    - Democrat Senator Feinstein
    - Many other liberals
    The liberals are too busy selling out our country, having more a drive to protect individual terrorists than protect our troops and the free world as a whole. They attack the Commander-In-Chief in wartime, they attack our country, they attack our troops, they conjure up lies and put phony soldiers in front of cameras to tell lies, they have a paranoid focus on their pet phrase Bush lied to the American people - something a bi-partisan investigation proved unfounded - yet they continue to ignore very serious current events, preferring to play in their concocted shit while suckering as many ignorant followers as possible.

    The terrorists have many friends in Washington D.C. that will come to their defense - liberal Senators and Congressmen. These friends of the terrorists are often quoted in Arab news sources and are recognized defenders of Islamic extremists. Terrorists are feeling more bold now that they have such friends in high places to come to their defense and not to protect America. They are very happy their liberal friends will make any prison stay as short and sweet as possible.

    Yes, there is a cloud Senator Reid - it is the stench of the elected scum that would sell out their own country in a time of war in exchange for a vote or a minute on CNN. It is the cloud of liberals that protect terrorists over America.

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