Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    A Safer Nation Is Now A Three-Step Process

    Robert Rowell was executed by lethal injection today - the penalty for murdering Raymond Mata, 38, and Irvin Wright, 52. This murder will never escape (like so many murders have recently), will never kill anyone ever again. He actually got to enjoy 12 years of life after his murders - a far excessive reward for his evil deeds.
    In a last statement while strapped to a gurney in the Texas death chamber, Rowell said, ''I would like to apologize to the victim's family and all the grief I have caused them.'' ''Praise the lord. Let's go, Warden. That's it,'' he said.
    Seems like many violent criminals suddenly find the Lord in prison - I guess it helps make them feel better or more likely, helps when those liberal parole hearings come along.

    From Wikipedia these 3 steps:
    1. Sodium thiopental: to induce a state of unconsciousness intended to last while the other two injections take effect.
    2. Pancuronium/Tubocurarine: to stop all muscle movement except the heart. This causes involuntary muscle paralysis, collapse of the diaphragm, and eventually death by asphyxiation.
    3. Potassium chloride: to stop the heart from beating, and thus the victim's death: see cardiac arrest.
    A more generalized description is here, steps that killers don't provide to their victims:
    1. Last meal is provided - Prisons try to provide whatever meal is requested by the condemned prisoner.
    2. Warden and chaplain visit - The warden and the state-appointed chaplain visit with the inmate and stay until the end of the execution.
    3. Witnesses arrive - There is no contact allowed between witnesses and the condemned prisoner. Witnesses are typically restricted to the witness room adjacent to the execution chamber, and are instructed to remain silent.
    4. Inmate makes final preparations - In some states, male inmates are given a fresh pair of pants and a shirt, female inmates a dress, and the prisoner is allowed to shower before getting dressed. In other states, the inmate must remove all outer clothing.
    5. Heart monitor is connected - The inmate is connected to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, which will be monitored for flat line to determine when the heart stops and death has occurred.
    Too much care is given the violent criminal, too much comfort. I say let's bring back Ol' Sparky!

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