Friday, November 18, 2005

    Homeland Security?

    I actually feel sorry for Michael Chertoff, but just a tiny bit. He, of all persons, should have known he is not qualified one bit to be the head chieftain over the security of our country and the focal point of intelligence efforts. Mr. Chertoff is just lawyer with a simple resume.

    I'm not questioning his public service or his patriotism but I do question his abilities to secure our country. From what I've read he can be tough when investigating as well - like Hillary Clinton was the only one against Chertoff because he was a bit strong during the Whitewater investigation.

    Hey - isn't the chief responsible official for the security of our country supposed to be the Commander-In-Chief? Is Mr. Chertoff and his position the new fall guy? Both Chertoff and Bush have stated the need for securing our borders but we have seen no action. Just recently in an interview on Fox News Mr Chertoff said:
    I think that there is no question the front line of defense is at the border.

    And we do have to worry about the large number of people who come in and the large amount of cargo that comes in. And that's the kind of potential threat, even if it's only one out of a million, that we have to spend our resources focusing on.
    Mr. Hannity challenges Mr. Chertoff on an earlier statement that the illegals should be rounded up and sent back to their countries of origin. Chertoff's reply:
    I also recognize we've got, according to some estimates, 10 to 11 million illegally already in this country working. And the cost of identifying all of those people and sending them back would be stupendous. It would be billions and billions of dollars.
    Seems like Mr. Chertoff has adapted the Bushology of homeland security - let them keep flowing over the boarders because they could be potential voters. Mr. Chertoff has traded his better judgment of security to kiss the ass of the President that appointed him. Mr. Chertoff has a maximum price tag for our security, and obviously billions and billions of dollars is too much.

    Some low-cost pointers to help you visualize how to achieve a better illegal alien control Mr. Chertoff:
    • Adapt a national ID based on legal, verified documents
    • Make it illegal for an employer to hire illegal aliens with extreme penalties for doing so
    • Make financial institutions, schools, public transportation, hospitals require verification of the national ID card before services are rendered
    Also talk with some of the minute men that are doing the job with no Federal resources - doing your job Mr. Chertoff.

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