Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Unions Love The Little Children - To Exploit

    Paying overpaid union teachers more will not make better teachers, it will not make their students smarter; it will only suck more from taxpayers and grow the unions. Parents and communities need to take a stance and remove unions from the public school system and stop the exploitation of children.

    Pennsylvania - Union authorizes school strike
    An ''overwhelming'' majority of Souderton Area Education Support Personnel Association members voted to authorize a strike, Rick Lewis, a Pennsylvania State Education Association representative helping the local union with negotiations, said Friday.
    Illinois - Suburban Teachers Strike For First Time In 30 Years
    The 86 teachers rejected a compromise over pay, benefits and work rules, NBC5's Dick Johnson reported on Monday. The strike affects 1,300 students.

    While the strike scene at Chicago Ridge is typical -- strike signs and picket lines, parents and students upset -- this job action has an atypical scenario. The president of the Chicago Ridge School Board is the product of a strong union family and was herself a student in the district during the only other strike the district has had, which was 27 years ago.
    Canada - School strike has far-reaching impacts
    What happens at school affects the whole community - especially when school's unexpectedly out.

    With a strike by B.C. teachers entering mid-week, members of the community are beginning to feel the aftermath. Those affected include parents, educators, and high school students, and it concerns everything from child care to provincial exams.
    Oregon - Sandy Strike Enters Week Two
    There was no school again Monday for the more than 4,200 children in the Oregon Trail School District.

    Teachers and parents met this weekend to talk about the strike, which is now in its second week.

    Parents who packed the room said their children deserve to go to school. But teachers say they're just as frustrated that there has been little progress in their talks with administrators.

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