Thursday, December 22, 2005

    A Merry Christmas - Spy vs Spy

    Spying has been around for many years - many. Reports of electronic eavesdropping have recently come to light from the Bush administration and now are simply political fodder for liberals. Their godsend, Bill Clinton, also used the same NSA snooping - well not quite the same. The current Bush usage was post 9/11 on about 500 individuals - identified directly or indirectly from Al Qaeda records. In the case of the former regime Clinton had millions snooped on - not identified by any Al Qaeda documents or records. Also, we all know how Hillary Clinton abused FBI records while she was in the White House. The Clintons like to get dirt on people and thus they have their leverage.

    Although I wouldn't want to be snooped on I have nothing to hide. I use to subscribe to the simple attitude that you only have the government snooping to fear if you have something to hide. I don't totally agree with that anymore, but I sure don't loose any sleep worrying about someone checking me out. There should always be checks and balances and in the case of national security the fewer people that know, obviously, the better. We all know how leaky liberals are don't we!

    Democrats have provided the Freedom of Information Act - signed into law by former wimp President Lyndon Johnson on July 4, 1966. If you are a terrorist, especially if you are from a sleeper cell, you can use our system to find out what our government has on you or your terrorist group - cool huh? Just today CAIR - the biggest cover for Islamic terrorists in the USA - has requested all government info about them or any other Islamic organizations. Now ya have to wonder if they were against terrorism why would they be filing this action? Gee, thanks you democrat liberal fools! Guess the Terrorist's Bill of Rights actually started with Johnson.

    I have to admit I do a little of my own spying - like checking if people leaving hate comments on my blog are really that same person as someone else. I haven't had hate comments for many months - not since I exposed this jerk from Portland. He was coming in with the exact same IP address as others (with similar hate styles) yet claimed it wasn't him. So I banned his IP and BINGO - suddenly about 3 identities no longer posted.

    I want for Christmas the software the NSA has a patent on - Method for geolocating logical network address. Kind of slick, so even if a person went through an anonymous server or "spoofed" their IP address it wouldn't matter. I gott'a get that! The same concept has been available for cell phones for along time in case you didn't know. One can determine your location pretty darn close without having to have a GPS-enabled cell phone. Ah, but I can't tell you everything or I might have to wack ya!

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