Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    A Merry Christmas - New ToRtUrEs Revealed!

    While I don't condone blanket torture to all prisoners selective persuasion to prisoners with known access to critical information can definitely save lives. There are some tortures that some have not considered - tortures that I find make me happy in this Christmas season.

    Take for example the $1.89 / gallon I paid for gas this morning. Remember that liberals were filling their liberal airwaves with attacks on President Bush for escalating gas prices? Well I haven't paid this low price for gas in quite a long time - and such lower prices are torture to liberals that had their hopes set high for a Bush's Fault strategy. Good torture!

    How about learning that Michael Moore - the same fat slob that graced the Democrat convention front stage - being ripped by his own home town paper. The liberals are faced with outright hypocracy of one of their heros - and they are tortured that the public now knows. Good torture!
    Michael Moore, champion of the oppressed, does his film production in Canada to avoid paying union scale wages and even threatened to fire half his TV show's writing staff when they wanted to join the union. He's a proponent of affirmative action but never has hired a black person to do anything important on one of his projects. ... claims he owns no stock and only puts "what little I can" in "something the old-timers call a savings account" yet owns stock in defense contractors and Halliburton;

    While Moore says he gives away 40 percent of his money, Schweizer reports that his tax returns show his foundations give the minimum necessary to stay tax exempt - and most of the donations go to festivals that feature his films or promote preservation around his home on Torch Lake.
    The liberals were all ecstatic when the approval rating polls for President Bush were showing declining numbers - they were drooling with delight. But then the President took his fight against terrorism and against the roadblocks that are trying to impede this fight to the public and his approval ratings have jumped at least 8%. Again, the liberals are tortured. Good torture!

    The American people were happy to have a gangster murderer finally executed yet liberals honor this murderer along side of gangsters. Some democrats are scratching their heads at their liberal side and fear a future backlash. Some democrats have a conscious and are tortured by this. Good torture!

    The ignorance of liberal Senator Robert Byrd (Ku Klux Klan member), claiming Bush spies on the average American citizen, is causing the general Democrat leaderships grief since President Bush did have authority, especially post 9/11. This liberal Byrd-brain has helped to open a potential pandora's box exposing the Clinton-authorized NSA monitoring of millions of private (non-terrorist suspects) in a super secret program called Echelon. (Link from Simoncat) Good going Byrdie - let more liberal tortures begin! Good torture!

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