Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    A Merry Christmas - Suffer The Children

    Not all children in the USA will enjoy Christmas. The children of liberal parents will only know "holiday" day. Some of their more radical liberal parents won't even allow the word Christmas to be spoken in their houses and no nativity scenes despite their claims of standing for free speech and civil liberties, depriving their little ones of knowledge.

    Unless you are a Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, or the like or have access to private schooling or school vouchers the liberal child will be indoctrinated into sexual thought at an early age - thanks to the liberal Ninth Circuit Court. It is the liberal way with children.

    The liberal child will learn how to play cards the liberal way, using special cards like the race card, the sex card, the age card, and of course, the I'm-offended card.

    The liberal child will learn new definitions to age-old terms like patriotism is really when you turn against your home country and compromise its security and honor with slander and lies and emphasis any flaw while staying quiet about enemy atrocities.

    The liberal child will learn that marriage is just a word and not a sacred concept between a man and a woman and that it should apply to the same sex or even between more than two people or even humans and animals.

    The liberal child will have any inspiration from birth to achieve quenched because the liberal way is to do only the minimum required - be part of the solidarity - be just another clog in the machine, you are no better or no worse.

    The liberal child will learn not to care for itself because it is the government's responsibility to care for them. The government is responsible for caring for their needs from feeding them in the public school system (it's not their parents responsibility) all the way to when they retire it is the government that is suppose to care for them.

    The liberal child learns to care more for criminals than for victims, even finding role models in murderers such as Stanley Tookie Williams and Saddam Hussein through Ramsey Clark.

    No, not all children will be blessed with an environment of common sense, responsibility, morals, and hope. We can only hope their little minds can maintain that inner hope of something better, of what a non-liberal life can be.

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