Monday, December 12, 2005

    A Merry Christmas Joe Mullen

    Most likely none of my readers know Mr. Mullen and that includes me. I do wish to bring his name to the spotlight for a letter he sent to our only newspaper (yes, a liberal one) in Eugene, OR. Mr. Mullen felt he had enough - enough of this liberal paper and their repeated liberal "editorial" entitled We do not torture.

    As a typical liberal paper they do not stand against those that really do torture, they do not show pictures on the front page that would defame the radical Islamic elements about to behead or threatening to behead some innocent person nor have they ever written a straight article comparing the good vs. the bad in this war Like I said, typical liberal paper - not fair, not balanced. But what would one expect from a privately liberal-owned (the Baker family) rag except the usual anti-war, anti-Bush, pro-terrorist, pro-liberal, pro-immorality.

    The person that does screen the letters to the editor did allow Mr. Mullen's letter to be printed, perhaps showing a glimmer of life way down the ladder of employees. Here is that letter:
    I am writing in reference to the obnoxious torture editorials that keep appearing on the editorial page. The point has been made, and I am tired of being tortured by this same mundane article day after day after day.

    When the United States starts beheading people and showing it to the world, then maybe we need to do something. Until then, if I were a POW and the worst that I got was being tied up, blindfolded and made to bark like a dog, I would thank God that was all that was happening to me.

    If this nonsense doesn't end soon, my association with this newspaper will.

    You have yourself a Merry Christmas Joe!

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