Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Are Arabs Really So Dumb To Believe This?

    Yesterday over at there was an article titled The Iraqi resistance delivers justice for the Red Indians. The gist of the article from the start:
    Despite its massive military and economic power, the United States is destined to lose the war in IRAQ. The reason is simple: The world's superpower has a history of cut and run. It also has a legacy of injustice from the very beginning of its history, which was based on the extermination of the Red Indians who originally owned the plateaus, the mountains, the rivers and the valleys to themselves.
    Now there are two points in this article - [1] is the perception that American is a cut-and-run superpower, which is exactly what the liberals like Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, et al wish for us to do. Cut and run is the liberal style, their modus operandi. [2] is the superstitious and idiotic concept that the terrorists (called by Aljazeera as anti-occupation fighters) are really fighting for the spirit of American Indians.

    The article is from the Iraqi Azzaman newspaper and sounds more like a pukation directly from the mouth of any of our more popular liberals in our own USA.
    Iraqis fighting the U.S. occupation shall never assume that the Americans are superhuman, or that the United States is a land from outer space.
    The article doesn't mention that most of these terrorists are imported terrorists and not Iraq citizens. They are killing more Iraqis than they are killing the forces that are liberating the real Iraq citizens - kind of dumb on their part.

    There are rumors this article was funded by George Soros as part of his continued hatred for America and for George W. Bush:
    ...that removing George W. Bush from office was the "central focus of my life" and "a matter of life and death" for which he would willingly sacrifice his entire fortune.
    Keep it up AlJazeera - you are proving that Arabs and Muslims are just plain stupid if they believe barfalisms like this article. It did give me a good laugh - terrorists really fighting for the spirits of early American Indians. What next?

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