Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Rich Liberal Hollywood To Straight'n Us Out

    This Friday Hollywood will air their classroom for us dummies that sort of think the old fashion way - that criminals should be put in prison and murders should be executed. Oh wait - isn't that the law anyway? Well sort of - depends where the crime was committed and if the guilty stands before a liberal or honest judge.

    A little too late for murderous Stanley Williams - you might know him by his cute name of "Tookie" - the ABC network will premiere their tutorial for the masses called In Justice. From the anti-death penalty Google Group called Death Penalty Focus (not to be confused with the website of rich liberal actor Mike Farrell):
    "In Justice" is a completely new take on the procedural drama. Focusing on cases of justice run amok -- sloppy police work, false testimony and biased juries -- the National Justice Project is a high-profile, non-profit organization made up of hungry young associates who approach their work like a puzzle... a puzzle that's been put together wrong.

    They fight to overturn wrongful convictions, liberate the falsely accused and discover the identity of those really to blame. They're led in their task by modern-day heroes, David Swain, a blustery but charismatic attorney of questionable ethics but undeniable talent, and his chief investigator, Charles Conti, a former cop.
    I'm sure in the past there were mistakes made and people went to prison wrongly. But the chances of that happening now are getting slim, especially with zillions of people snapping pictures with their cell phone cameras, DNA evidence, and forensics that would have looked like science fiction 50 years ago.

    ABC isn't the first to fill our minds with the concept of death row populated with inmates that are innocent. The current Fox TV program Prison Break even has an inmate about to be executed wrongly because of a frame-up by the - yep - Federal government, the Secret Service no less, and a corrupt Vice President.

    The rich Hollywood producers will not give up until us peons are set straight and feel for the death row inmates. Forget the victims, show no care for the survivors of the victims of crimes of the real murderers - let's all just feel guilty ourselves that somehow it's our fault for punishing the guilty.

    Be prepared for another dose of liberal brainwashing.

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