Monday, January 09, 2006

    December's Evidence Of Islamic Peace

    Anyone that comes to my humble blog can see the Never Forget scrolling pictures of 9/11. It seems so long ago in a way, and after a temporary upsurge of flag sales and flag waving the liberals, socialists, and anarchists have so diluted that attack perhaps some might think those terrorists from the religion of peace were just isolated oddballs.

    Today in the American Daily a knowledgeable writer's article titled ISLAM = KILLING CULT, NOT A RELIGION has some convincing facts.
    Islam demands that those who do not convert to Islam be slain or taken as slaves. There is no third option. With the genuine world religions, they tolerate those who do not agree with their tenets. They do not declare that those who do not agree with their dogmas be slain or taken as slaves.
    Islamic men routinely rape women - especially young girls - that are non-Muslim and/or happen to dress in a manner that contradicts the Muslim "religion".

    Over at Religion Of Peace they take the time to group the peaceful ways of Islam. Just a tiny fraction of all the peaceful efforts of Islam for this past December:
    • 12/1/05-Bangladesh (Gazipur), 2 killed, 30 injured when an Islamist straps a bomb to his leg then detonates it in a DA's office, killing two other people
    • 12/2/05-India (Pattan), 1 killed when Islamic militants shoot a teacher to death by the side of the road.
    • 12/6/05-Iraq (Baghdad), 43 killed, 73 injured when two al-Qaeda suicide bombers walk into separate classrooms at a police academy and slaughter more than forty students
    • 12/23/05-Chechnya (Grozny), 9 killed, 4 injured by Mujahideen terrorists in three attacks over 24 hours
    There are hundreds more - women, children, innocent people slaughtered in the name of Allah - check them out for yourself. Search the internet to verify the accounts.

    This is the nature of the people that liberals have no problem protecting, watching out for, and comforting - all the while convincing you they do so to protect American rights. Where's your brain?

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