Friday, January 06, 2006

    Liberals Screw The Poor - Again

    To the liberal Supreme Court of the State of Florida people that don't have the resources to send their children to private school like those with more money should not be allowed to. The liberal judges told these hopeful parents screw you - we have a public school system and that's where you will go.
    The ruling was a setback for Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who had heralded the program. "I think it is a sad day for accountability in our state," he said at a news conference.
    There has always been this very false perception that liberals are the champions for the poor, yet time and time again the facts prove otherwise. The facts continue to prove that it is the conservatives that are the true helpers for those in need. Republicans as a whole want freedom of choice in education; Democrats do not want freedom of choice. School vouchers provide that choice and Democrats hate the concept.

    Cato Institute education policy analyst Neal McCluskey adds:
    "This ruling betrays the fundamental problem with how we envision 'public education.' Rather than ensure that every student is able to obtain a good education, the paramount concern is that a single system of government-run schools be maintained. It is an especially tragic outcome for students who have been thriving in private schools thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship Program, but who will soon have to return to schools that, though they are failing miserably, meet the all-important requirement of being acceptably 'public.'"
    From Florida Court Ruling Hurts Children Who Need Help:
    The American Legislative Exchange Council, a group of current and former state legislators, said the ruling directly affects about 700 Florida students, but it potentially jeopardizes alternative schooling for thousands of children -- including children attending public charter schools.

    "The court's decision is an attack on the very children that need the most help," said Lori Drummer, director of ALEC's Education Task Force. "It denies Florida families the chance to escape failing schools," she added.
    You still think liberals care? Meanwhile our own Oregon public school system scores below average on the national education report - yet huge amoounts of money are poured into this unionized monolith.
    The state also earned a C-plus, the national average, for a variety of issues classified as "school climate", including parental involvement, class size, school size and school facilities.

    But Oregon scored dismally on teacher quality, earning a "D", and was singled out for not requiring professional development for teachers.
    The liberal school union got an "A" for bilking the taxpayers once again.

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