Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Friend Or Foe - A Most Deadly Game

    You are a newly trained Al Qaeda agent heading for your first assignment with living arraignments in New Jersey. Catching a ride with Senator Feinstein as an innocent hitchhiker wanting to cross from Mexico into the USA you finally arrive at your new residence. You are given an assignment to assess various people and organizations and to simply categorize them as friendly to the cause of Al Qaeda or a foe that is trying to defeat Al Qaeda.

    The obvious foe is that Bush guy and his government, and other foes will be those like him. Friends will be those that help protect Al Qaeda and the Al Qaeda agenda. You are handed your first list to evaluate.
    1. Former Vice President Al Gore as well as liberal and select Democrats have repeatedly exposed Bush for (as they label it) torturing and inhumane interrogation of our Al Qaeda comrades - is Al Gore (and his supporters) a friend or foe? (Action item: help increase the propaganda so our captured comrades will know there will be a limit to what they will have to endure)

    2. Senator Edward Kennedy and other Democrats have been very outspoken about the Bush Administration intercepting our communications with our brothers outside of the USA - are these USA leaders friends or foes? (Action item: help increase the propaganda to scare the Americans into thinking Bush is listening to everyone so we can once again plan in private)

    3. Select Democrats (those identified as liberals primarily) continue to push for legal rights for our current and future imprisoned comrades - are these USA leaders friends or foes? (Action item: help increase the perception that we have human rights, civil rights, American rights. Learn basic American legal concepts to our advantage. When in doubt, work with the ACLU)

    4. A tiny movement exists for the impeachment of Bush, although it is unlikely - are these peoples or groups friends or foes? (Action item: help to increase the propaganda that Bush is responsible for everything bad. Associate him and his people with demons and devils - make Bush appear to his own country as Satan)

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