Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    No-way! Free Godiva Chocolate? Yes-way!

    Congratulations to the people of Canada for their win of Stephen Harper and the Conservation Party - giving Canada a leader who is expected to move the country to the right on social and economic issues.

    A sign of the times for liberals? The 13 year reign of the Liberals is ended. Now to undo all that liberal damage.
    Congratulations to Judge Sam Alito for winning the Judiciary Committee's nomination to the Supreme Court.
    I have a gift certificate for a free "18 piece signature truffle assortment, a $32 retail value" box of Godiva Chocolate. I was thinking of giving it to one of the local street corner beggers - yeah, right - like for about 0.01 of a nanosecond. I would rather give it freely (being a giving person that I am) to one of my readers - doesn't matter what your political persuasion is. The picture above was taken from the backside of the certificate. The closest store to me is in Portland - a bit far to go for a box of truffles.

    I had my first Godiva Chocolate on ANA Airlines - they were given out to business and first class passengers on each flight. For gifts I'd recommend Moonstruck - they are very artistic and taste good too (and made in Oregon). If I do eat chocolate I prefer a bar of Dagoba - their Eclipse bar - 87% cacao - totally pure, no additives, nothing artificial (also made in Oregon). Their online price is a bit high and fortunately a local store sells it for 50 cents less per bar.

    This Godiva certificate expires Feb. 5, 2006 - so real soon. It must be taken to a Godiva store only. If you have a department store that sells Godiva Chocolate they will not accept it.

    To get this fast simply email me with:
    1. An answer to "Should the death penalty be outlawed?"

    2. An address to mail it to - no name required and a PO box is fine. Also whatever name to use as the author - I will not post "anonymous"! If you want your blog included then add that URL.

    3. The selected reply to the question will be posted as received in one of my blogs, so make sure you do a spell check before sending it. I, of course, have the option to post a reply after your entry.
    Be very fast as it expires soon. I'd like to send it out 1st class mail ASAP.

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