Friday, January 13, 2006

    A Merry Friday The 13th (I'm Not Superstitious)

    The crush of 600,000 pilgrims during the annual hajj took place Thursday at the main eastern ramp leading up to al-Jamarat, a giant platform where three pillars representing the devil are located. Pilgrims pelt the pillars with stones in a symbolic purging of their sins. - - - He said that 383 died, and of that total, 203 have been identified - 118 men and 85 women.
    So are these deaths symbolic of the Muslims being the devil? Hmmm. Do the men crushed to death by their loving fellow Muslims qualify for those 72 virgins? How about the women killed - do they qualify for virgin males?
    Unions are holding Josephine County, Oregon hostage. The usual extortion mob demands of more of whatever they can get, or else they will shut down the county. If the union workers want more money in the take home pay then boot the union and stop handing over those hundreds in union dues. When will taxpayers wake up? Unions don't belong in the public services sector - actually, unions don't belong in the USA!
    New German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Bush appear to be hitting it off together. With crazy Islamic Iran building nukes near Germany and the bad economic condition of Germany she is wise to start rubb'n shoulders with the richest and most powerful country in the world. When countries associate it is the same as with individuals - if you hang with criminals you will become one. If you hang with depressing doom-and-gloom liberals your life will be full of depression. If you hang with those that are driven to succeed and are responsible for themselves then that is how you will be.
    While the Liberals can across as utter fools when going up against Judge Alito there are still plenty of problems with our judicial system - namely, liberal judges wrecking havoc to our country and citizens. I'm hoping this more intelligent Supreme Court will help restore our country to one based on our Constitution (makes us strong) and not on the UN or other nations (that makes us weak). There are so many cases involving liberal judges that need to be corrected. Just a tiny sample:
    • Ordering illegal aliens be provided social services, free education, etc
    • Liberal judges that favor terrorists and disfavor the USA
    • And how about the liberal move to allow felons (aka, criminals) to vote? Virginia Governor Mark Warner has restored voting rights to 3,414 felons (aka, criminals) and wants to restore more. wants almost 240,000 felons to vote (as liberals, of course). See the trend? See the connection with liberals and criminals? Hillary has always been an advocate for felons (aka, criminals) to vote
    • And liberal judges that overturn the will of the majority of voters in a state
    • Liberal judges that don't allow freedom of education via school vouchers
    • Liberal judges that go directly against the Constitution and allow business and schools to show favoritism for one group over another (aka, affirmative action)

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