Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Why We Need More Conservative Judges

    With everyone witness to the harassment by liberals of the Honorable Judge Alito at his confirmation hearing, witness to the disgusting liberal tactics of slander and innuendo against this over-qualified Judge, I have no doubt he will be confirmed and hopefully, the liberals condemned.

    In the over 4,000 cases he has sat on, and over 300 written decisions he has made, these liberals can not find any fault. These liberals can only try and abuse and defame a person with lies and suggestions of inappropriateness because they are unable to substantiate their drive of hate with fact. They are under great pressure from those that hold their puppet strings to keep Alito from being confirmed - the strings of union bosses, the ACLU, every left radical organization in our country as well as outside our borders (like Islamic terrorists).

    Personally, I hope the liberals keep making asses of themselves - it does conservatives a great favor when the world witnesses what mental midgets we have in office, especially the likes of blubber drunk and woman murderer Ted Kennedy - who was ousted from his university for paying another student to take his tests.

    So what kind of Judge would liberals love? Someone like Judge Edward Cashman most likely. He's the judge that just gave a child molester a 60 day minimum prison sentence for molesting a friends daughter from the age of 6. For four years this scum molested this little girl and this liberal judge has compassion on the criminal and basically says "to hell with the public and your kids 'cause I'm putting him back on the street in 2 months and I'm a compassionate Judge!".

    Our nation learns more every day what liberals hold as a "good" judge. Please remember these facts when you go to the polls in the future. I'd like to also see an elected Judge's political allegiance as part of the voter summary. I believe in Oregon last major election where there were judges to choose voters had no idea who was a liberal (worthless) judge and who was an honorable conservative judge.

    BTW - seems we have who appears to be an honorable conservative judge that will run for the Supreme Court of Oregon. Best wishes and if there is anything I can do to help get more honorable judges IN, and worthless liberal judges OUT - please let me know!

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