Monday, February 27, 2006

    The Monolith Monsters

    Last week a student was shot at another public school in Oregon. A few days ago a teen was sentenced to 24 years in prison for a shooting in a public school in Illinois. You can just do an internet search for school shooting and see all the violence that takes place in the public school system. It's not just a safety issue but one of a government mandated monolith molding children into despair and confusion.

    The public school system has grown into a unionized monolithic monopoly that cares more about the survival of itself than it does the children it is suppose to educate. It has become a liberalistic and socialistic environment where values have no place, where achievement is not a goal, where respect is a useless principle, and honor is associated with being a nerd.

    For decades liberals have preached the same message - support our kids, give us more money - yet the decline of the public school system continues. In Oregon we are no different - above the state average in spending per child and the public school teachers are among the lowest rated in the nation. Parents know this across the nation, and parents want better for their children.

    In Wisconsin, the Democrat Governor was a strong opponent of school choice - a choice for parents between the public school system and a private school. Yet, because of increasing pressure from his African-American constituents:
    ... he reached a compromise with Assembly speaker John Gard to add 7,500 voucher slots in The Badger State. The power of the voters is a beautiful thing. In the last two weeks, Milwaukee-area African-American leaders, students and parents have been taking to the airwaves and streets to protest Doyle's original plan that would deny vouchers to thousands of students.
    From an opinion-editorial over at
    If you were a Democrat watching Coretta Scott King's funeral, you could congratulate yourself on the party's role in past civil rights struggles. But if you saw what's been on television in Milwaukee in the past month, you'd wonder what's become of your party.

    Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, looks like public enemy No. 1 for African-American schoolchildren. "He's throwing away my dream," one Milwaukee student says in a TV commercial supporting the city's school voucher program for low-income families. Another commercial shows a black father on the verge of tears saying: "School choice is good enough for the governor's family. I ought to be able to have it, too."
    It's the same story over and over. Democrat leaders that preach they are on the side of the poor and needy and tell them to send their children to public schools, yet they don't think much of the public school system since they send their kids to private school!

    The idea of school vouchers is as old as the American Revolution. The American revolutionary Thomas Paine advocated a voucher system because he felt that compulsory education violated individual conscience. He was following the perspective of John Stuart Mill, who believed that state-sponsored education was a contrivance for molding people to be exactly like one another.
    Parents are finally taking a big stand against the monolith molding of their children into the image of the liberal-socialist union. The fire is burning in the hearts of parents of all income levels. They want choice; they want something better for their children - something better than a school system that is a failure. When any chance to provide a choice - whether it is a new charter school or school vouchers - watch who rally's to defeat it: liberals and unions - they will do anything to keep parents from having a better choice.

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