Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Public Schools: 2, Students: 0

    The two well-fed union bosses in the picture above are Reg Weaver, head mob boss for the NEA (teachers union) and on the right, John Sweeney, head mob boss for the AFL-CIO. They're looking happy and well fed during their tango at the plush resort of Coronado in San Diego, California.

    You see, with in increasing demand from parents for more and better choices for their children's education the teacher's union has been feeling a bit stressed. Every charter school that is opened and every voucher program that is enabled threatens the unions existance in the public education goldfields.

    From the NEA website (from where the pic above came from):
    Already, over 220,000 NEA members are affiliated with the AFL-CIO through local and state joint affiliations with the American Federation of Teachers. The AFT, an AFL-CIO affiliate, has expressed its support for the labor solidarity agreement.

    NEA also worked with the AFL-CIO's Center for Working Capital to educate members on pension issues, and the AFL-CIO has participated in NEA's retirement and benefits forum. Currently, NEA is working with other unions to coordinate a national strategy that will protect defined benefit pension plans.
    Under the disguise of better education for children their goals are more than obvious. Increase pay, increase medical coverage with no teacher contribution, highest retirement pay possible - all funded by the taxpayer.

    The most important goal, however, is to manipulate the political scene so that candidates they endorse (or pay off) will fight against those charter schools and voucher programs. The same old story - force every child to attend only public schools and remove the freedom of choice.

    This new alliance said Monday they would spend $40 million just this year alone to elect labor-friendly candidates (which means liberals that don't care about children or freedoms). In 2002, the AFL-CIO spent $34 million - and that was just for a midterm election!

    Check out the LABOR SOLIDARITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR AND CONGRESS OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATIONS AND THE NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION for yourself. You will find absolutely NO mention of goals for children, NO mention of providing better education, NO mention of anything about children - only how they can further their greedy, extortionist, socialistic solidarity, and politically manipulative agenda.

    like this all should fit into the category of child abuse. Unions in the public schools has never been about educating our children, but growning the union. The children are just stepping stones under the feet of the union - always taking, yet giving nothing to the children except deception.

    Meanwhile, little children at Eagleswood Elementary School feel the liberalism of their school board when a 71 year old transsexual pervert - in this case an old man that suddenly decided he wanted to pretend he was a female - was allowed to return to teach. Ah, public schools are not what they use to be.

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