Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Say Goodbye To Your Job American!

    Republican Senator Pete Domenici wants to punish America for a bad memory he had when he was a pre-teenie:
    It happened more than six decades ago, but New Mexico's Sen. Pete Domenici says he can clearly remember the day federal agents came to his house in Albuquerque to arrest his mother as an "illegal alien."

    "It was a frightening situation for my entire family," the 73-year-old Republican recalled Friday afternoon, a few hours after he had introduced a plan to overhaul the nation's immigration laws.
    Turns out he mother did become a citizen because his father gained citizenship by serving in as an American soldier in WW1. So now, because of his bad memories, his grand overhaul of immigration is basically to grant amnesty - "Screw America, screw the American worker - screw you all" says Domenici with his proposal.

    FAIR prepared a press release a couple of days ago titled Domenici Introduces Amnesty/Guest Worker Bill That Would Decimate American Workers. Decimate is the proper term indeed. Imagine 12 million illegal aliens - once in the shadows, suddenly placed on the legal social system of the nation. Do you really believe our country needs 12 million strawberry pickers? That's what proponents of illegal aliens want us to believe.
    The Domenici amnesty would not only allow the estimated 12 million illegal aliens now here to become permanent residents, but would also entitle them to petition for their extended families to join them here. On top of that, if each of the 500,000 new permanent guest workers created annually by the WISH Act brought just two dependants, that would result in 1.5 million more immigrants arriving every year. Added to that figure would be an unlimited number of H-1B workers and foreign college graduates who convert student visas into permanent residency visas.
    Where's Your Brain Domenici? Are you an idiot or what? Do you not care about legal Americans? Do you not care about the enormous added social burden your STUPID plan would do to the already over-burdened taxpayer?

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