Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    But Illegals Are Such Model Citizens

    This past Sunday in the Letters In The Editor's Mailbag, Grasping for American dream (last entry) was a typical letter from a pro-illegal alien advocate. In the first two paragraphs, Leah Searles writes:
    I am the wife of a Mexican immigrant who at one time was considered "illegal." My husband came to the United States as a juvenile more than nine years ago. His father had died, and his mother could not care for him, so he was sent to the United States to live with family members. He has mastered the English language and is completely fluent. He has worked hard, paid taxes and has no criminal record.

    I have met many Mexican and South American immigrants, legal and illegal. For the most part they are not here to commit crimes or to take advantage of the welfare system, they simply want to work hard and take care of their families. Many don't realize that they can get a taxpayer identification number and claim tax returns at the end of they year. All that unclaimed money goes to the U.S. government!
    First paragraph:
    1. who at one time was considered "illegal" - BUZZZ - Wrong! If he did not come across legally and he did not apply legally then he STILL IS an illegal alien

    2. "and has no criminal record" - BUZZZ - Wrong! When he came across the border he became a felon. Unless resolved as stated in number 1 above, he is STILL a criminal, a felon.
    Second paragraph:
    1. For the most part they are not here to commit crimes - BUZZZ - Wrong! If they cross the border illegally they have committed a crime - a felony. They are criminals. Perhaps you should check with the prisons across the country and see what percent are illegal aliens - again, sucking our resources

    2. or (not) to take advantage of the welfare system - BUZZZ - Wrong! The absolute facts of the tremendous drain on the social system of every state proves you wrong. They suck our resources from us, and they do not return anywhere near what they suck from us

    3. All that unclaimed money goes to the U.S. government - BUZZZ - Wrong! Your sentence before states many don't have a taxpayer ID and without one, an employer will not be sending any money to the state or federal government in prepaid taxes - so there is NO "unclaimed money" that goes to the U.S. government. Also, many are paid under the table.
    Really Ms. Searles, Where's Your Brain?

    Now if your hubby goes back to Mexico and applies for legal entry then I will back him all the way. Until then, he should be deported - and it doesn't matter how many brownie points he has "earned".

    According to this reasoning all felons that are able to evade capture, get jobs, be hardworkers, etc. should receive pardons. Don't think so. If your hubby really loves this country he will go back and reenter legally.

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