Monday, April 17, 2006

    I Encourage Full Illegal Protests on May 1

    So why would a anti-socialist, pro-capitalist, pro-law and order, and pro-American call for every illegal alien to leave their work, school, gang-turf, where ever, to march in solidarity on May 1? There are two fundamental reasons really.

    1: First, there is a rumor - no, more like a deceptive lie, that our country of law and order needs illegal aliens to do jobs that those here legally would not do. This is a lie that continues to be fed by some companies that are too cheap to pay for their labor and could care less about the social consequences of the rest of us having to pick up the tab to support these illegals and their illegal family members just so that company can have a better bottom line. There is no company that will close their business - they will just hire legals and pay what is required, and pass their cost on to the consumer. Gee - we might have to pay 30 cents more for a basket of strawberries - a huge savings over paying billions for their (the illegals) social costs.

    There is no way in the world, if every illegal walked off their jobs (those that have jobs), would bring down our country. This would be a a great opportunity for business to fire those they thought were legal - and this has already been happening, a good thing. Even if just 10% of the illegal workforce were terminated and those jobs provided to people here legally just think how much lower our unemployment numbers would be!

    No, such a walkout will do nothing to our economy and prove that the pro-illegal groups have been lying to the American people all along. Now since their numbers have grown into the many millions - one third of California is comprised of Hispanics, along with hundreds of known Chicano gangs - just having them amass in mob in the streets would be the only problems. No different than hundreds of thousands of wild pigs stampeding throught the streets and freeways.

    2: The second benefit will be the big media coverage. People need to realize how the federal government has failed to keep the flow of criminals from staying in our country. Yes, criminals - lazy people that made the choice to not follow our laws of entry. Now our society is paying the price with outrageous social costs to support this deluge.

    People need to see these mobs demanding "their rights" - can you imaging how these same mobs will look should legislation be passed forcing business to verify legal status of all of their workers? These are not just innocent people wanting a day job - these are people that have already committed illegal acts and will have no problem committing more - even violent - illegal acts to obtain what they perceive is theirs - and their "right" to have.

    From this administration through many passed administrations our federal government has failed to keep our country secure. I disagree with the wimps that are suppose to be our leaders that say it is not possible to remove all of the illegals from our country. They have no brain - it's so easy to make it difficult for them to stay if laws (that were enforced) were placed on all employers and all social services, banks, and schools were required to verify legal status before any service was rendered.

    So yeah, come out come out all you illegals. Show America who is sucking their resources from them. And by all means - fly the flag of your true allegiance, not the American flag that your socialists sponsors have instructed you to wave.

    From Noticias:
    The Great American Boycott" is spreading south of the border, as activists call for Mexicans to boycott U.S. businesses on May 1. The protest is timed to coincide with a May 1 boycott of work and shopping in the United States that also has been dubbed "A Day Without Immigrants." The boycott, which grew out of huge pro-migrant marches across the United States, is designed to pressure Congress to legalize millions of undocumented (illegal criminal) people.

    Mexican unions, political and community groups, newspaper columnists and even some Mexican government offices have joined the call in recent days. "Remember, nothing gringo on May 1," advises one of the many e-mails being circulated among Internet users in Mexico.
    Hmmm - maybe the world should experience a week of nothing from America, no handouts, no protection, no social services, absolutely nothing.

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