Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Gaa Gaa Goo Goo Liberals Of Eugene

    Free speech is dead in Eugene, Oregon - unless you want to be the target of whining babies that call themselves city councilor leaders. Some background.

    We have this one bitch named Bonny Bettman (Democrat) that was on a fun trip to Washington D.C. just a little while ago. Upon her return to Eugene, assistant city manager Jim Carlson sends an email simply saying "She's Baaack". Now any child would just laugh it off - but not the touchie-feelie liberal wimps at the Eugene City Council - no, they have to blow it out of proportion and focus and contort these two words as if Mr. Carlson had pulled out a gun and made some threat.

    Bitch Bettman is about as liberal as they come. Back in 2002 she sided with terrorists in leading a vote in the city council for a "No" on the Patriot act. She refuses to represent the majority of her constituents - for example, what is known as the West Eugene Parkway - her constituents oppose yet she demands.

    Don't you know in this liberal town you DON'T have freedom of speech Mr. Carlson? In typical liberal style any liberal hearing something they categorize as mean-spirited will pull out their guilt guns, pull out their spin-it-negative guns, and by all means, notify our lefty newspaper - the Register Guardless.

    Meanwhile we have an old hippy wannabe Mayor that was on the take (got a big election contribution) from the owners of the hospital in our neighbor city and tried to get that hospital moved from Springfield to a prime riverfront property - but she failed. We have Bettman that will undoubtedly play this stupid nothing email for all it's worth - typical Bettman.

    We have a city council that protects the drug addicts and homeless bums instead of businesses along west Broadway - business that have quit or shut their doors because of the scum in that area - thanks to the city councilors. We have the potential for a well know and respected natural food store (not unionized) to go into a depressed area, but the city council continues to be entertained by pro-union whiners. Our city has lost Symantic to our neighbor city Springfield as well as a huge multi-million $$$ new Peace Health hospital, restaurants have moved or quit in frustration with the druggies and bumms our city councilors protect - all because these wanna-bees have absolutely no business skills.

    And all those pan handlers get their freedom to be scum - many are young but choose to just hang out and pan handle - while businesses suffer where they hang. The Eugene city council is just stupid - no desire or sense how to solve the problem. Gee, little ole me can think of an easy solution: They are generating an income for themselves, so they are operating as a business. Do they pay taxes on that income? Do they have a business license? Well duh - they can not conduct their income-generating business then.

    I urge all Eugenians to vote in totally new conservative members when election time comes around - the liberal ancient flower-childs all suck.

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