Thursday, April 27, 2006

    I Snort Plutonium, Allah Be Rip'n

    Iran's supreme idiot, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, likes his plutonium straight up with a twist. Now for the Muslim-deficient, any guy (sorry, no place for females in this club) that attains a high rank in the Shiite rendention of Islamoworld can label themselves an Ayatollah. The word means "Sign of God". Now according to Wikipedia:
    The word means "Sign of God" and those who carry the title are experts in Islamic studies such as jurisprudence, ethics, philosophy and mysticism and usually teach in schools (howzeha) of Islamic sciences.
    This means that Khamenei is an expert in Islamic studies. Khamenei calls for the total annihilation of Israel and the USA and all non-Muslims. Therefore, Khamenei - and expert of Islam - considers such destruction as totally within the concept and practice of Islam. Are ya getting to see the focus of Muslims yet?

    Yesterday, venting noxious breath, Ali Khamenei said:
    If the US ventured into any aggression on Iran, Iran will retaliate by damaging US interests worldwide twice as much as the US may inflict on Iran.
    In a series of statements this week, Iran has also threatened to cut oil production, export nuclear technology, bar international nuclear monitors, make its nuclear program entirely secret and withdraw from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Iran had received a first shipment of Russian-designed missiles from North Korea that, with a range of about 2500 kilometres, are capable of reaching Europe.

    This guy is obviously anxious and can't wait for the slowly creeping infestation of Islam to take over the world - he wants to ramp-up the time table a bit.

    I think if he sends a nuke somewhere it will be Russia or Germany. Then his Islamo-robots will swarm in like the plague, behead as many non-Muslims as they find (after raping the women), then have instant access to a lot bigger arsenal. Then they focus on the big fish: The USA.

    We better not have some liberal wimp as President when that happens. I say dust him now!

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